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Our Purpose

The NZMA’s purpose, on behalf of the business community in New Zealand, is to facilitate and promote best practice, responsible marketing and champion self- regulation over government legislation so that:

  • Businesses can continue to freely and creatively take their brands, products and services to market without undue restrictions or unnecessary compliance costs
  • The marketing profession and those representing it (marketers and business leaders) deliver the best return on marketing spend to achieve real business results
  • Marketing remains a key economic enabler in New Zealand

Our Commitment to Members

We are committed to helping you and your organisation invest wisely in marketing activities, technologies and resources to ensure you get the best return on your marketing spend.

We do this by providing essential infrastructure, comprehensive, best practice education programmes, advisory services, resources and knowledge sharing opportunities, across the full scope of the marketing discipline, and by championing self-regulation over government legislation in order to protect your right to take brands, products and services to market without undue restriction or unnecessary compliance costs.

As a member of the NZMA you are part of a community of over 4,500 marketing and business professionals.

Together we will help each other:

  • Understand markets
  • Develop strategy and marketing plans
  • Develop and manage brands and reputation
  • Select and manage channels to market
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing
  • Collect, store and utilise data effectively
  • Ensure regulatory and legislative compliance
  • Manage the ongoing commercial viability of products and services

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