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Personalisation questions

August 31, 2009

Are there any case studies out there to show how using people’s FIRST NAME (only) in DM increases response rates.
Whether it’s just throughout the letter, or funky personalization of outers etc. We are specifically interested in comparing results to when full names are used eg “Daryl” vs “Mr Purdie” or “Mr Daryl Purdie”

If anyone has any links to white papers, or favourite sites I could research  (either national or international) that would be great.

Thanks in advance – Daryl

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  1. September 25, 2009 11:23 pm

    Hi Daryl,

    Interesting question. Unfortunately I don’t have any hard data for you. Just personal experience. As a copywriter I tend to favour using first name personalization in consumer marketing letters. It’s friendlier and more conversational, which is how most people prefer to be spoken to. And I’ve never heard of response rates dipping after moving a client from surname to first name personalization.

    For big ticket items, cars, financial products etc, and for B2B campaigns, I think surname is often the way to go. Although I recently wrote a very successful small scale B2B campaign with a first name personalized outer for a very expensive manufacturing optimization system. So I think a lot depends on your feel for who your end user is, and how they’re most likely to want to be spoken to – a case of horses for courses.

    But of course, the best answer is test it and find out. If you do, I’d be really interested in the results!


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