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August 26, 2009


The New Zealand Marketing Association (NZMA) has long had a strong agency membership base, who contribute a great deal of expertise and energy to NZMA’s activities.

Through education programmes, the RSVP and Nexus Awards, influence with key industry stakeholders and working with graduates to build awareness, the agencies taking part in the Agency Council Executive (ACE) have helped shape the direction of the NZMA.

As the NZMA has evolved, supporting a clear positioning that includes the full scope of marketing in New Zealand, so the agencies involved in ACE recognised that the group needed to be broadened to be more closely aligned to the NZMA’s direction.

To this end, ACE has been repositioned into a new group called the Marketing Agencies Council (MAC).

MAC’s aim is simple – to stimulate the growth of marketing communication strategies that produce directly measurable business outcomes.

Sue McCarty, Chief Executive of the NZMA, says “There is a sea change going on in marketing globally, and traditional marketing and communication channels are rapidly changing. Our agency special interest group is uniquely placed to foster improved agency client relationships and provide leadership and support to ensure that, together, we move with these changes and embrace new ways of getting results.”

MAC will help clients and agency members stay at the forefront of this revolution through:

Leadership – providing thought leadership and information such as pitch guidelines, agency remuneration etc. This information will be communicated through articles, media relations, online resources, the MAC blog, and events and education.

Community – liaising with members, education providers and the wider industry to share information and facilitate dialogue. This will include providing a directory of MAC Agencies with detailed areas of expertise to show which agencies understand and adhere to industry codes of practice and best practice guidelines.

Communication – facilitating communication between clients and marketing agencies, for example, by providing clients with support in their selection of appropriate agencies for projects and pitches. MAC will also provide regular news and updates via this blog to inform the NZMA community about what’s happening in the industry.

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